Meet Adrienne

Adrienne Hill knows content, and she's dedicated to making easy-to-digest courses for entrepreneurs.

When it comes to the world of fashion and beauty, there aren't many rocks that creative director Adrienne Hill has left unturned. She started her career in the fashion and beauty industry as a hairstylist and makeup artist for film while obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Arts Entertainment and Media Management from Columbia College Chicago.

While attending the prestigious Miami Ad School for her master's studies, Hill launched her first beauty blog and youtube channel, Boss of Beauty in which she did hair and makeup tutorials, hauls and OOTD videos. Shortly after launching her blog, Hill began selling vintage wear under the Boss of Beauty brand, later transitioning the blog into a full online boutique.

A self-taught web and graphic design artist, Adrienne built her entire online boutique herself. As Boss of Beauty Vintage grew, other boutiques and fashion brands began contacting Adrienne about the branding and graphic design for Boss of Beauty, not realizing that she was doing it all herself.

Hill then recognized an opportunity and launched Brand My Boutique, a branding firm that provided web, graphic and print design services specifically catered to fashion and beauty brands. In the five years of it's existence, Brand My Boutique garnered clients in over 40 countries and Hill's work was featured in a number of publications and media outlets including VH1, CurlyNikki, The Shaderoom and more.

The Brand Box Club was birthed out of Hill's own desires as a fashion and beauty entrepreneur. It has been a lifelong dream to build a creative space to create, connect, learn, and grow with other dreamers that are passionate about their brands, and the most fulfilling part is knowing she is creating a space where entrepreneurs can truly feel supported in their industry-specific journey. Entrepreneurship can be tough and no one should go at it alone.

Whether you are looking to flesh out a great idea, gain clarity and direction with an existing brand, or establish a fully developed brand identity, Hill's passion and multifaceted expertise will meet you where you're at and provide a knowledgeable, practical roadmap to get there!



Have an idea that you want to flesh out? Need advice on how to get started? Having a hard time figuring out your audience or knowing where to find them? Need a push in the right direction? It's time to get clarity in regards to the direction and focus of your vision and move FORWARD with your business. You were given your vision for a reason and Adrienne is here to help it come to fruition. It's time to get UNBOXED!!

The Unboxed consultations are just the push you need to gain clarity and get the ball rolling. Sometimes we need a little fire under our a**, a little excitement and a little direction to pivot our ideas into things - Adrienne is dedicated to doing just that!

General consultations are booked in 60-minute increments and you get the opportunity to pick Adrienne's brain on a number of topics from branding, strategy, business legalities, conceptualization, web development, brand messaging, client acquisition and retention, organization, time management social media practices and a host of other business-related topics.